What We Are About

Some things I love, in no particular order:

  • Helping people
  • Beautifully designed spaces
  • My incredible husband
  • Cool furniture and accessories
  • Pizza

So how lucky am I, that I get to combine these things on a daily basis and call it ‘work’?! Ok, the pizza isn’t a daily thing – that only happens on birthdays around here, but you get the gist.

I started Lydia Uzzell Interior Design in our spare bedroom just over ten years ago, because I’m ridiculously obsessed with design, and love helping people create their dream homes. I’m grateful that, with the help of a wonderful little team and some seriously awesome clients, the business grew to a point where we were turning away more projects than we were taking on. This is where HÜIS came in – I hated turning down projects and wanted a way to reach more design hungry peeps on a daily basis.  I honestly believe that having a well-designed home (from both a visual and functional perspective) dramatically improves the way you experience everyday life. I believe this should be accessible to everyone.

Elevator pitch? HÜIS is a collection of things I love, from vendors we trust (and enjoy working with), curated to make furnishing and accessorizing your home a breeze.

“Good design is like a refrigerator – when it works,
no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks.”
– Irene Au

Having a point of view is important to us, so this is ours:

  • A happy customer/client who gets exactly what they need is WAY more important than making a sale. Which is why, if you are trying to buy a viscose sofa for your family of 6 kids, 2 dogs and 8 cats, we won’t sell it to you (viscose is a ‘delicate’ fabric and for low traffic areas).  Instead, we will spend time understanding how you and your family use your space, and recommend something durable to compliment your lifestyle and needs;
  • You won’t see every.single.product. from every.single.vendor on our website. Our goal is to present a curated collection that takes leg work out of the design process for you, where most of the products will coordinate with each other. That doesn’t mean we can’t get something specific you’re looking for, we can pretty much find anything at any price point (including the sideboard you’ve been eyeing up at that big-box-retailer – we have a lot of the same vendors, or the incredible chair you saw in the latest Architectural Digest);
  • We aim to be the best option, at the best price. Most times our products are the same price, and occasionally less, than if you imported them yourself, but ultimately, we save you all the hassle. Our main focus is giving our customers an incredible experience in-store, on the website, during the sales process, and throughout the after-sales journey. We are proud of the service we offer, keeping our customers informed every step of the way, right through to installation. We love creating lasting relationships with our customers so they come back time and again for their home needs;
  • Our design service is the most valuable thing we offer, so we don’t give it away for free. It’s provided by an award winning and highly experienced interior design team (including me), giving you peace of mind that the advice you receive, is second to none.
  • We consider the CI$150.00 per hour quite possibly the best investment you’ll make in your new home. Not only will it ensure you get a result that is right for you and your space, it will give you access to a world of valuable options and product you didn’t know existed.
  • We welcome feedback. We’re continually trying to improve the way we do things, and can’t do that without your valuable input. A customer suggested we show more ‘live’ product from the store as it always presents better than on the website, so we’ve integrated that into the content we share on social media channels. We love feedback, share it with us!

Can’t wait to see you in store.  😊



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