Shop The Look: Old School Charm


The focal point of any dining room is the table—the place where you’ll sit, eat, drink, laugh, and share. When creating a dining room look, pick your table first and work your way out. If you’re hoping to capture the aesthetic shown here, a conventional wooden table with a rustic finish will give the room a strong foundation. And a well-built, rugged piece such as our parquet-topped, bleached pine and solid fir trestle table will age gracefully and provide extra character. (If you’re worried about marks and scratches accumulating as time goes by, don’t be. Those will only add to the table’s charm over the years.)


By using slightly contemporary dining chairs, you’ll create a nice juxtaposition with the classic convention of the wooden table. We’ve opted for a modern twist on a traditional Windsor here, with a deep black finish for a touch of drama. Slip-covered endchairs in a lighter hue can then be included to soften the overall look. For these, fabrics like the linen shown above will work exceptionally well.

Next, incorporate the rug to make the space feel even more welcoming. This Oriental masterwork features a muted antique wash that gives the room an added sense of gentle comfort, and its pre-faded look––featuring soothing colours such as taupe, light gray, and sea foam––means it will stand the test of time as successfully as your table.


When a room relies on multiple wood tones the way this one does, you should be careful not to go overboard trying to get everything to match. Instead, your goal should be to coordinate rather than replicate. A brighter-toned set of drawers like the intricately carved one that’s pictured will work in harmony with your rustic table but won’t bore the eye by doubling up on grain and colour.


The stars of your dining space should ideally be the food and the company, so you want your dining room colours to be inviting, not overwhelming. Add some neutral accessories to create additional texture, but keep things light and breezy rather than bold or brassy. We’ve gone for an ivory Kate Spade lamp with simple geometric shaping, an amphora-inspired table centerpiece in marbled stone, and a vertically-lined wicker basket with a chestnut-like finish.